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There are many reasons why FIFA Football franchise is one of the most popular sports series. Football is a beloved sport with world wide fans and a considerable part of them are also gamers. FIFA games are released on regular basis so players are given new content each year. Starting with 1999, Electronic Arts released 18 main FIFA games and judging by their popularity it's safe to assume that they won't stop here. FIFA 18 is expected to hit the market September 2017.
As most fans imagine, some of the old features and modes will be carried over to the next game. FIFA Ultimate Team mode became part of the game a few years ago and it has brought nothing but favorable reviews from both critics and players. It's a cards collecting game that gives players the chance to obtain and use all available in game footballers. For the next FIFA game, players will use FIFA 18 coins and FIFA 18 points to buy and customize their squads. is a best place for you to buy fifa 18 coins & points.
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