FIFA 20 – What's New With Career Mode?

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2019-09-05 16:18

FIFA 20 is a complex football simulation game that has many improvements and additions over the previous versions. It seems like all aspects of the game were revised and tweaked. Players that have enjoyed Career Mode in the past or those who wished for a better experience with this activity will be happy to hear that one of the most important new features concerns career mode. Developers promise that this is the most authentic experience this mode offered so far. We can not know for sure until the game releases but we can take a look at the new improved career mode.

Players will be able to design a custom football club and lead it in any way they see fit. The journey begins with manager creation. Lots of new options are now available. Players can choose the gender of their manager and lots of visual customization options such as skin tone, hairstyle, body type, and more.

Thanks to beta leaks, we've seen some really crazy manager designs. But looks are not all and you will find that out soon enough. A manager has to take care of everything. From squad composition to press appearances, there are many aspects to handle. Each choice will influence the future of the team. The team's morale depends on your decisions and so is the performance on the field. You will also be able to have individual conversations with the players. This is a great way to increase your rating and to solve players' problems.

If you've always wanted to see how it's like to manage a football team in the world of real football, FIFA 20 brings you as close as possible. There are more than 30 official clubs, more than 17,000 real football players, more than 90 stadiums, and more than 700 teams. You will also notice that league specific themes are part of the game. You will see unique elements pertaining to famous leagues such as LaLiga Santander, Premier League, UEFA Europe League, Bundesliga, and more. The news feed and the live news screenshots will record your best moments and greatest accomplishments as the manager of your club.

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