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2017-07-19 10:20
A determining factor in this regard is that all players have a chemistry style that is influenced by the team's overall chemistry. Thanks to this, the player can see how one style or another affects and modify it to improve personal and team attributes. These styles, which will remain in each player until we decide to change them, can be found in envelopes and in the transferable market.

But, for players to jump to the pitch, we will need the Contracts. Thanks to them, the user can have a player during a certain number of games and, once the contract ends, it can not be used. To facilitate initiation, Ultimate Team grants long-term contracts to the first players, however, those that we get later will be of shorter duration. It is important to keep in mind that, even if a player has been called, if he does not jump to the pitch he will not count as a disputed game and his contract will remain intact.

In FIFA Ultimate Team, although we can get all kinds of rewards by buying envelopes, we also have the option to use the transferable market. Here the user can find new players using filters according to Quality, Position, Chemistry Style and Price. The search for filters makes it easier to find our favorite player and the market is a great option to avoid the randomness of envelopes if we look for a very specific player.

Concept Templates are a very important factor in FIFA 17, since they allow you to create all kinds of combinations of players, although we cannot play with them. To use this option, we simply have to choose a player or empty space, and then enter the Actions menu to choose change / add player. Thanks to these Conceptual Templates, we can plan our signings, study the chemistry of the future team, or directly test completely new models of organization. For fifa 18 playing, the fifa 18 coins are very important for you to have more the stonger players.