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The Best Alignment and Training for Barcelona in FIFA 18

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2017-12-04 16:02
Another of the great teams that tend to be very chosen in FIFA 18 is the FC. Barcelona, which also has one of the highest averages of the game but this year has fallen by the age of some of its players and the loss of Neymar. That is why we think it's convenient to tell you the best lineup for Barcelona in FIFA 18 so you can continue to count on a good set of victories.

Maybe Barcelona is no longer the best team in FIFA 18 but it's still really good and basically because it has two of the five best strikers in the entire program: Messi and Luis Suárez which ou could get with FIFA 18 Coins in transfer market. So if you want to win many games with the Blaugrana club you will have to take out paper and pencil and write down the following alignments and tactics that we recommend.
The best lineup and training for Barcelona in FIFA 18
The truth that the FC. Barcelona can opt for different formations such as the 4-2-2 or the 4-3-3, the last one we are going to modify to leave it in a personalized 4-2-2-2 that has an explanation.

As the defense of Barcelona is somewhat slow, the idea is to have two players from the center of the field who support such tasks in the back as they will be Mascherano and Busquets. Then, as the center of the team's field is already its age we will stop looking for so much possession and focus on supplying balls to the two above.

The best lineup for Barcelona in FIFA 18
Goal keeper: Ter Stegen
Defenses: Alba - Piqué - Umtiti - Sergi Roberto
Midfielders: Busquets - Mascherano - Rakitic - Iniesta
Strikers: Messi – Suárez