How to Create the Best Player in Career Mode?

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2017-06-07 11:06
If you create a character from zero, you will have a series of points available to distribute among the attributes. The ideal is to focus on the attributes of your desired position: a striker requires a good shot with the foot and head, while a defender will need more strength and physique.

Your coach will keep you up to speed on the performance you are expected to receive by contacting us by email. Do not discard these messages, and read them well to understand what is expected of you. In them you will find tips to improve your skills.

In the games themselves, the most important thing is to know how to give short passes, long or to the gap depending on the needs of the moment. If you pass when your teammates have not asked for it, your rating will be degraded in the match and you will lose chances to your team.

The arrows that appear on the screen indicate where you need to move to be in the position that most helps your team. If you see the line judge's flag, you're offside; Do not play the ball and try to delay your position.

If you want to play often, do not start with a team like Real Madrid, Manchester United or Bayern Munich, as the competition here is much stronger and you will always have to play at the highest level.

Your skill will not only determine your ownership, but also impact the future career. In a big club, it is likely that at first they only get you to play against the smaller teams. You can request the change in the menu directly. If you want to be the captain of the team and gain access to quick tactics, ideally start a career as a midfielder.

To get the best possible qualification at the end of a match you will have to get right with the positioning in the field and that the passes and other actions are successful. Avoid committing unnecessary fouls and actively participates in the game; In short, be a team player.

Try not to physically wear too much, you do not have to follow the player that marks at all times but know in which area you must be to prevent access to your area. If you manage to fulfill your assigned tasks, you will unlock skills to improve your player.